a ¾" long acrylic double 6 domino hangs from a 18" silver-plated chain.

double 6 necklace


arrow pendant


a silvertone 3-dimensional grenade hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain. the grenade measures 10mm x 21mm and is 9mm thick.

this vintage style silvertone mic hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain. the mic measures 1.4cm x 3.8cm and has a smooth, plain back. 

mic pendant


a silver-plated three dimensional die with clear crystals hangs from a 16" silver-plated chain. the die measures 8mm x 8mm x 8mm x 8mm.

mc necklace


silver-plated microphone hangs from a 18" silver-plated chain.  the microphone charm measures 22mm x 8mm.

annie get your gun pendant


a silvertone gun measuring 20mm x 43mm hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain.   

a 1½" x 2" silvertone boom box hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain.

a route 66 tag measuring 1" x 1¼" hangs from a 20" silvertone beaded chain.

a silver-plated arrow measuring 2½" x ½" hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain.

rude bits jewelry™, 2014

feather pendant


box pendant


route 66 pendant


a silver-plated acrylic feather measuring 1¼" x ¼" hangs from a 20" silver-plated chain.

biker cross pendant


grenade pendant


an oxidized silver-plated skull and crossbones measuring 1" x 1¼" hangs from a 18" silver-plated chain.


this biker cross measures ¾" x ¾" and is 2mm thick. it hangs from a 17" oxidized silver snake chain.

vegas pendant


cuddly dudley